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Repair Estimate Request Form

Tell us what do you need to repair by filling in the Repair Estimate Request Form. We will reply you through the email with the price of repairing . When you decide to get your items repaired, first make payment and then print the receipt out and mail it with your items to SHOE CARE, 10800 West Pico Blvd Suite 203, Los Angeles, CA90064 . We will notify you immediately when we receive your items.  Finally, your items will be delivered to you within 2-14 business days.

You will get your items back within 2-14 business days based on your request.  

When you decide to get your items repaired, please complete the payment process before ship your items to us. Click hereto make payment.  Remember to print the receipt out for the record after you pay successfully.

​Step 2. Make Payment

​Step 4. Receive Your Items

How it works?

After completing the payment process, ship your items to SHOE CARE, 10800 West Pico Blvd Suite 203, Los Angeles, CA90064. Make sure including the Payment Receipt in the mailing package. Please print your name, phone number and returning address on the receipt. We will notify you through email when we receive your items. If you have any question, feel free to call us at 1(310)430-2299.

​Step 3. Ship Your Items

Please complete the following form and click "submit". Tell us what would you like to repair. We provide various leather repair services such as shoes, boots and purse repair. Click here to see our services. Besides, we provide customized repair services for our customers who have special requests.

After that, check your email within 24 hours. You will receive our reply with the details about the price of repairing. The prices are based on the condition of your items. If you don’t receive our reply, please call us at 1(310)430-2299.

​Step 1. Explain What Would You Like To Repair

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